Frequently Asked Questions


Can I update an order after placing it? GENERAL INFORMATION

Contact the restaurant as soon as you notice something is incorrect or needs to be edited with your order. They can make those adjustments for you and will notify us directly if any refunds or additional charges need to be made

How can I see all restaurants? GENERAL INFORMATION

If you want to view all restaurants, just go to Restaurant List. Then enter your location to check which restaurants can deliver to you.

How can I pay for my order? GENERAL INFORMATION

All our restaurants accept cash on delivery. In addition, there are various online payment methods available. You can check which payment methods are accepted at each restaurant by going to the payment tab on the restaurants page.

How long does it take for my order to get delivered? GENERAL INFORMATION

Delivery time varies from restaurant to restaurant. It also depends on the number of orders that the restaurant has to prepare and on the distance between the restaurant and your delivery address. You can see the estimated delivery time for each restaurant in your area on our website. After placing an order.

How to order online at CatchFood? GENERAL INFORMATION

It is really easy, as easy as 1, 2, 3: 1. Tell us where you are: Enter your location so that we can show you which restaurants deliver to you. 2. Choose what you would like: Pick a restaurant and select items you’d like to order. You can search by restaurant name, cuisine type.

How do I create an account? GENERAL INFORMATION

It‘s Free! You can create an account by visiting and using your email to sign up. You can also download the CatchFood app for iOS or Android mobile devices and sign up through the app.