Creating a Restaurant Menu

How can i creating a restaurant menu on CatchFood?

You can use the new Menu Editor tool to make your menu directly through the Restaurant's Administration!


To Creating a Restaurant Menu: 

  1. Go to your dashboard.
  2.  Click the MENU Category tab.
  3.  Click the Add New category.


The new Menu Editor tool allows you to:

  • Add and edit items, modifiers and options
  • Sort categories, items, and modifiers
  • Temporarily deactivate items

If you need more assistance in updating your menu, please submit a Menu Update Ticket to our team through the CatchFood Help (click on the submit Ticket). When completing the form for a Menu Update Request, please ensure that the guidelines outlined are kept in mind

NOTE: There is currently no live assistance for Menu updates; our Menu team completes updates and reaches out usually within 48 hours.

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